Epilepsy Blog Relay: Epilepsy isn’t my only story

Recently, someone asked me to talk to a small group. I wanted to choose a story that is inspiring, something that would relate to these young adults, and something that would stick with them as they started a new journey. I couldn’t help but wonder: is epilepsy my only story? Is this how people identify me…as the girl with epilepsy who ended up doing well in life, despite doctors telling me I may not?

He said: Emily and Dan on dating and epilepsy

I remember when Emily and I were first dating. My friends would ask me, “Aren’t you worried about what would happen if she has a seizure? Can you deal with that?” I would always find that such a strange question. I wanted to be with Emily for who she was as a person.

She said: Emily and Dan on dating and epilepsy

I met Daniel properly in 2014. He had read a lot of my blogs before we even started talking, so he knew all about my condition. So I never had to break it to him that I live with this unpredictable condition of Epilepsy. Sometimes that can be one of the hardest parts in the beginning of a new relationship.

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