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Support groups could be the new dating app


This episode of What the EF podcast has the world’s best meet-cute and what dating with empathy looks like. Calling in from Scotland, Abby and Colin Bodie share their love story and how it feels being with someone who truly gets it. Available on: YouTube, Spotify, Apple, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music,... Read More

Hidden Benefit of Patient Assistance Programs for Rescue Meds


Ever wondered if there is help available to help cover the cost of medication? There may be times when you might need help covering the cost of a rescue medicine for epilepsy. Many drug companies offer programs called “patient assistance programs” that offer help paying for medication. For many years I... Read More

How to have a career and manage epilepsy


What the EF podcast kicks off Seizen 3 with Jennifer Reyes on her strategies for the awkward convos at work about seizures or needing accommodations (which are legally required but hard to ask for). Grab a pen because you’ll want to write these tips down! Available on: YouTube, Spotify, Apple, Google... Read More

5 tips when asking for a rescue medication


A while back we ran an article on when you might need to use a rescue medication. Below we’ll recap some of those reasons why you might use a rescue medication. But when it comes time to need a rescue medication you might wonder how to broach the subject with your... Read More

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