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What the EF Podcast featuring Mary Laura Philpott

Bestselling author Mary Laura Philpott walks us through the moment that her and her family’s life was changed forever: her teenage son’s first seizure. She shares how she came to differentiate her experience as a mother and her son’s experience as the person living with epilepsy. Mary Laura also brings to... Read More

What the EF Podcast featuring Kenzie O’Connell

What the EF Podcast – Episode 3 Struggling to find a neurologist? You’re not alone. Kenzie O’Connell tells us about trying to find a doc that was the best fit for her and the stressors that surface going into any neuro appointment like: “Is this my fault? Did I cause a... Read More

What the EF Podcast featuring Sarah Carlson

What the EF Podcast – Episode 2 Sarah Carlson has a unique experience of how her epilepsy diagnosis came to light…literally. A former news anchor, Sarah had a seizure while on air, which ended up costing her job. During her two-year search for a diagnosis, Sarah also lost her license, kids,... Read More


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