I’m so glad you stopped by Living Well With Epilepsy (LWWE). LWWE was founded by me, Jessica Keenan Smith, back in 2009. I was diagnosed with epilepsy at around age 12, but I wanted the site to be more than my own personal blog. I hoped the site would become a resource the millions of other people living with epilepsy like me. So, from the beginning I shared information on epilepsy and stories I hoped others might find helpful. Over time, the site has grown into a place where people living with epilepsy now feel comfortable sharing their own personal stories.


Since 2013, the LWWE writing team has grown to include writers who are also living with epilepsy from around the world. Living Well With Epilepsy is all about living your best life, whatever that looks like to you! We have shared hundreds of articles on every facet of living with epilepsy. We generally cover health trends, healthy lifestyle, and what it is really like living with chronic illness as seen through the real life personal stories of those living with epilepsy. We hope you will find something useful and consider sharing your own story.


Since we blog about so many different topics we wanted to share a few highlights to get you started:

If you were just diagnosed with epilepsy:


Epilepsy at work:


Considering a different epilepsy treatment option:


Epilepsy in real life