IG Live with Fran Turauskis of SeizeYourAdventure

Fran Turauskis of SeizeYourAdventure.com has come up with a great way to bring the outdoors inside during the Coronavirus crisis. She has put together a list of books for you to read that bring the outside, inside. I’m hoping she will share a few when we chat today on Instagram Live today on @livingwellwithepilepsy at 12pm PT/3pm ET/7pm GMT.

Books that bring the outdoors inside

That’s why Fran is drawing on her indoor alter-ego. She has developed a list of books for you to read that bring the outside, inside. According to Fran, “They all show the healing power of nature, with a focus on different mental health and social issues. And they all encourage the mentality of seizing adventure across the whole spectrum – from epic walks to the simplicity of sitting under trees.”

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IG Live with Jamie Wissinger

Jamie Wissinger will take a little time away to chat with us today on Instagram Live. Jamie is a blogger, epilepsy advocate, virtual assistant, mom to three beautiful children and now has added podcaster to her schedule!

Jamie has generously participated in the Epilepsy Blog Relay in the past. I’m looking forward to having her catch us up on her latest project, a new podcast called: 1 in 26.

1 in 26 is all about celebrating who we are. Jamie does not believe this disability should define us.

1 in 26

This podcast premiered in July 2019, and has shared the stories of 8+ epilepsy warriors. Episodes are released every Friday, with season 2 happening so soon. You can find it on Apple, Spotify, or Google Podcasts.

IG Live

So, whether you are living with epilepsy, a researcher, clinician, or just stuck at home and curious about podcasts, I hope you will join my chat with Jamie Wissinger on 3/30 on Instagram Live at 12pm PT/ 3pm ET / 7pm GMT.

You can find the chat at @livingwellwithepilepsy. Don’t miss it!

Meet our next IG Live guest: Monica Weldon

I am so happy Monica Weldon, CEO and Founder of Bridge the Gap: Syngap Education and Research Foundation, has time in her busy schedule to chat with the Living Well With Epilepsy community!

If you have not met Monica she is fantastic. This woman is a force to be reckoned with–she is a mom of a child with an ultra rare disease who has successfully started a foundation and raised enough funds (and momentum) to support research in a disease state that has barely a handful of cases. In addition, she is smart, fun and kind and generally a delight to be around!

These days Monica and her team have been busy.  I asked her to send over a quick update of what their organization has been up to, but first let me give you some background on SYNGAP1.

What is SYNGAP1

The team at Bridge the Gap: Syngap Education and Research Foundation have put together this video featuring researchers, clinicians and parents.

The team at Bridge the Gap: Syngap Education and Research Foundation have shared the following projects with us. Check them out when you have a minute:

So, whether you are a family affected by SYNGAP1, (or other special needs parent), a researcher, clinician, a curious person with epilepsy or just a fellow advocate, I hope you will join my chat with Monica Weldon on 3/27 on Instagram Live at 12pm PT/ 3pm ET / 7pm GMT.

You can find the chat at @livingwellwithepilepsy. Don’t miss it!

Join us on Instagram Live

Now that everyone is hunkered down at home we’re trying out connecting via Instagram Live. (You are at home, right? If not please go home.)


Every weekday at 12pm PT / 3pm ET / 8pm GMT you will find our founder, Jessica Smith on Instagram  @livingwellwithepilepsy.


We’ve pulled together a pretty great lineup and we’re looking forward to chatting with these amazing women. Feel free to check them out before you join their live chat.

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Here’s the schedule (with more to come):

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Join us any time. And if you are interested in suggesting a topic or guest contact us via DM at @livingwellwithepilepsy or via email at jessica@livingwellwithepilepsy.com.

Stay safe.

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