How does marriage work with epilepsy? with Tiffany Kairos

In this episode, What the EF podcast chats with the queen of epilepsy advocacy, Tiffany Kairos, and ask the questions that can’t be answered in a doc’s office. Like…what does a marriage look like when epilepsy enters after the wedding day? Available on: YouTube, Spotify, Apple, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, & Audible … Read More

5 Tips for Starting a New Job with Epilepsy

A while back I started a new job as therapist. Having completed graduate school, I was so happy to be working in my field. Despite my excitement, my new job brought challenges. One of those challenges included management of my seizures. I developed new triggers and had to rework my daily routine … Read More

Epilepsy Blog Relay: Epilepsy isn’t my only story

Recently, someone asked me to talk to a small group. I wanted to choose a story that is inspiring, something that would relate to these young adults, and something that would stick with them as they started a new journey. I couldn’t help but wonder: is epilepsy my only story? Is this how people identify me…as the girl with epilepsy who ended up doing well in life, despite doctors telling me I may not?

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