STEP (Seize the Truth about Epilepsy Perceptions) Survey

The "Seize the Truth About Epilepsy Perceptions" (STEP) Survey, was developed by SK Life Science, Inc. in conjunction with Kantar Health to understand the current state of epilepsy in the United States. The goal of this initiative was to foster better communication between patients and their care teams. The survey focused on gaining insights into the doctor-patient relationship, showcased the emotional journey from diagnosis through current treatment, and unearthed obstacles that patients, caregivers and HCPs face in managing the condition.

Results from the Seize the Truth About Epilepsy Perceptions (STEP) Survey revealed eye-opening insights showing that patients, doctors and caregivers aren’t having the right conversations in the doctor’s office, which may lead to miscommunication and incorrect perceptions.

Using the STEPS Discussion Guide

Now you can take the survey yourself to prepare for your next doctor's visit. Below you will find links to the survey in english and spanish.

Background on the survey

SK Life Science, Inc. engaged Kantar Health to develop and field, a 40-minute online survey of 400 adult patients with epilepsy and 201 caregivers of adult epilepsy patients, and a 45-minute online survey of 258 Health Care Practitioners or "HCPs" (including 96 epileptologists, 112 general neurologists and 50 nurse practitioners/physician assistants). This U.S. study was fielded from February 7 to March 27, 2019 and was classified as an exempt study by the Sterling Institutional Review Board.

The sample for this study utilized respondents from the online panel M3, recruited by Rare Patient Voice (RPV), a custom recruiter experienced in identifying hard to reach patients. The panel member details were maintained in the strictest confidence and used for research purposes only. No information that could personally identify the respondent can be released nor can personal information be sought from the panelists or about the panelists without their prior knowledge and consent. The HCPs in this study were contacted through an online HCP panel sourced through Kantar Health.

For more information on the survey, the results or the resources available, contact SK Life Science.

1. SK Life Science, Inc. and Kantar Health. “Seize the Truth about Epilepsy Perceptions (STEP) Survey.” February 7, 2019 to March 27, 2019.

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Make the most of your next doctor’s visit with the STEPS discussion tool

You can now use the “Seize the Truth About Epilepsy Perceptions” (STEP) Survey” Discussion Tool, developed by SK Life Science, Inc., to prepare for your next doctor’s appointment.