Holiday recipes for ketogenic kids

The holidays can be a tough time to watch what you eat.  Being faced with candies and cookies at every turn can make sticking to a diet hard enough, but having to follow a plan as rigorous as the Ketogenic Diet can be practically impossible this time of year. Since there will be parties at … Read More

Early results from the 2013 Reader Survey

Check out the early results from the 2013 Reader Survey. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to complete the survey. This is a great opportunity to suggest topics that Living Well With Epilepsy should cover! Don’t miss this opportunity to be heard. This survey is a great way for us to … Read More

Tips on how to apply for Social Security Disability Benefits

Social Security Disability Benefits and Epilepsy Guest post by Molly Clark Some people who have epilepsy experience severely debilitating forms of the condition. If epilepsy prevents you from keeping a job or earning a living, you may qualify for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. Disability benefits can be used to offset lost … Read More

Interview with founders of new seizure monitor

I recently interviewed the co-founders of Life Patch, a non-invasive real-time temperature monitoring system for children with febrile seizures. I learned about this potential new seizure monitor now in development, and how it may be a help to people living with epilepsy. It turns out co-founders, Aaron Goldstein and Collin Hill, heard … Read More

Children and Epilepsy: Building Self-Esteem

A guest post by Virginia Cunningham Every parent needs to do their part to make sure their children have high self-esteem, and this is particularly important for children who have issues that can easily affect their self-esteem, like epilepsy. Children diagnosed with epilepsy later in life may need extra encouragement, since they … Read More

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