King Tut and all the speculation

I read the pieces on King Tut in both the Washington Post and in Time and I have to say I was annoyed. When a friend forwarded the WaPo story to me with the note “Interesting theory,” I realized I needed to respond. Let me just say up front, The Washington Post … Read More

Spread the word about Epilepsy Awareness Month

Epilepsy Awareness Month in November will be here sooner than we know. So, I’d like to propose a little project. This graphic is a button I created last year for Epilepsy Awareness Month. Throughout the year I noticed a few of you added it to your twitter pages, facebook pages and website … Read More

You held your own in the Echoing Green challenge

Just a quick follow up to say thank you to everyone who voted, supported, commented and spread the word during the Echoing Green challenge. We finished in 8th place in votes, and our idea was the most talked about. We are definitely doing something right. Thank you again for supporting the ONLY … Read More

Living Well With Epilepsy takes up Echoing Green’s challenge

Echoing Green, through a partnership with GoodMaker, asked the question, “How would you spend $1000 to build deeper relationships with the community you most want to serve?” Living Well With Epilepsy responded with a vision to transform the blog into a movement. Please VoteLiving Well With Epilepsy is only challenger hoping to … Read More

Share Your Story on Living Well With Epilepsy

Check out the latest feature on Living Well With Epilepsy. Now you can share your own story right here.  Just visit the Share Your Story page, fill out the form that has a place for your story right there and send it off. We saw how important sharing just four words could … Read More

Conservative radio host denegrates Justice John Roberts

Following the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, Michael Savage, a conservative radio host set the media world on fire by claiming Justice Roberts’ decision was due in large part to cognitive dissociation from his epilepsy. Initially, I was furious. But as I listened to the … Read More

Living Well With Epilepsy wins Web Health Award

Living Well With Epilepsy is proud to announce that our site has been honored by the Web Health Awards with a Bronze Award in the Blogs category. The Web Health Awards team has also confirmed that our site is the only epilepsy related web resource to receive a Web Health Award in … Read More

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