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Holiday recipes for ketogenic kids

holiday purpleThe holidays can be a tough time to watch what you eat.  Being faced with candies and cookies at every turn can make sticking to a diet hard enough, but having to follow a plan as rigorous as the Ketogenic Diet can be practically impossible this time of year. Since there will be parties at home, work and school, it might help to have some keto-friendly recipes in your back pocket.

Below are a few festive items that you can keep around the house or even bring to a party:


As a rule of thumb, calculate approximately 10g of raw, mixed egg for every 40g of cream cheese. Use up to the same amount of heavy cream as cream cheese. All of the carbohydrate remaining can be allotted to fruit (for garnish or mixed into the recipe). Canned, unsweetened pumpkin or unsweetened cocoa can also be incorporated into the recipe.
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Chocolate Brownies

This is a soft, cake-like brownie that is mildly sweet. A brownie may be incorporated into a meal or snack. After baking, cut brownies into 10 pieces which results in a final weight of 21gm each containing 100 Calories with 1gm carbohydrate and a 3:1 ratio. Check out the KetoCalculator for help with recipes like this.
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Keto Apple Cider

Each sip is ketogenically balanced, so this meal would work if your child is sick and not very hungry. This meal is also great for travel. It can also be frozen and eaten with a spoon for a special treat.
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For more great recipes visit the Epilepsy Foundation and The Charlie Foundation. And to stay up to date on the latest news visit http://www.epilepsy.com/ketonews.

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