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Epilepsy Blog Relay: Jewel prefers to Live Out Loud

This post is part of the Epilepsy Blog Relay™, which will run from June 1 to June 30, 2018.  Follow along!

Jewel’s Story

Jewel writes the blog, Live out Loud. It is a lifestyle resource for the modern woman and mom. A space committed to building a community which inspires individuals to live healthier lives and conquer parenthood while increasing awareness of epilepsy around the world.
She writes, “In 2008, my life drastically changed. I was diagnosed with a seizure disorder. Over the past several years, I have endured several series of  EEG’s, EKG’s and MRI’s in an attempt to classify the types of non-epileptic and epileptic seizures I was experiencing. Like many people diagnosed later in life I had little knowledge of what Epilepsy was and an even limited knowledge about what life would be like living with it.”
Today’s post is on family seizure safety.

Excerpt from “A Checklist For Family Seizure Safety”

“After I had my first seizure, I constantly thought about all the possible scenarios that could occur if I had a seizure. My mind raced through the millions of terrifying feelings, all of the questions and possible outcomes that could happen. However, I never thought about what would happen if I were alone with my son during a seizure. Could I ensure my safety and the safety of my son? How could I possibly protect him in such a vulnerable state? Immediately, my mind went into auto drive and I decided to put together a checklist to help my family navigate through the possibility of my son being alone with me during a seizure. Our families are vital in helping manage our seizures so involving them to ensure the safety of everyone is important.”

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