Living Well With Epilepsy’s Epilepsy Blog Relay™ is an epilepsy awareness movement designed to maximize collaboration and eliminate stigma.

The concept is simple: 30 bloggers, 30 days. Each blogger takes one day of the month to post either on their own site or on Living Well With Epilepsy. Every story showcases some aspect of life with epilepsy. In each post, participating bloggers acknowledge the blog relay with a link back to Living Well With Epilepsy and to promote the next day’s post.

March 2019

Our next Epilepsy Blog Relay™ will run from March 1-31, 2019 and will raise epilepsy awareness and reduce stigma. Each week will have a focus meant to encourage greater collaboration:

March Themes

Week 1: Epilepsy in Everyday Life (1-7)
Week 2: Epilepsy and Families: Awareness Matters (8-14)
Week 3: Tech and Innovation in Epilepsy (15-21)
Week 4: Creativity and Epilepsy (22-31)

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Schedule of Future Relays

Here is the schedule of upcoming relays:

  • Purple Day/Epilepsy Awareness: March 2019
  • Epilepsy Stigma Awareness: June 2019
  • Epilepsy Awareness Month: November 2019

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You can participate in the upcoming relay as a Reader, Blogger, Sponsor or a Media Partner. Epilepsy Blog Relay™ participants include people living with epilepsy, loved-ones, the medical and scientific community, epilepsy advocates and more. NOTE: Blogger spots are full for the November Epilepsy Blog Relay.



The Epilepsy Blog Relay™ is a month-long engagement campaign. This initiative is a great opportunity for your team to connect with those living with epilepsy. Participants will raise epilepsy awareness through blog posts, our newsletter, our social media vehicles and more. Because of the Epilepsy Blog Relay™ we saw a 30% increase in traffic during 2016 and to date we have seen an increase of 40% in traffic over last year, and our first relay has not even kicked off! Learn more about how the Epilepsy Blog Relay can help your team connect with the epilepsy community.

Media Partners

Epilepsy related nonprofit organizations are invited to participate as media partners. This is a great way to cross pollinate efforts. There is no fee for nonprofits to participate as media partners. This is a high impact opportunity to connect with your target market. Contact us with “Media Partner” in the subject line for details on how to participate.



In June 2015, Living Well With Epilepsy launched the first Epilepsy Blog Relay™. The effort was modeled after the United Nations’ Shot@Life initiative to harness the power of bloggers to raise awareness of epilepsy related stigma. Throughout the month, participants covered epilepsy stigma in their own ways, on their own sites. They posted personal stories, information and updates on epilepsy events. This effort was extremely successful. In less than 24 hours 10 bloggers had filled 30% of the slots. In less than 5 days all 30 slots were filled and Living Well With Epilepsy was turning people away with the promise of more relays in the future. Bloggers participated from the US, England, Cameroon, Australia, and Canada. All participants saw a sharp increase in traffic to their sites and all made headway in their efforts to raise awareness.

See the full press release on the June 2015 Epilepsy Blog Relay™ at:

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If You Missed Previous Relays

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