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Living Well With Epilepsy Goes on a Podcast Tour

Recently Living Well With Epilepsy went on a little bit of a podcast tour. So I wanted to share the results with you all as well as the amazing women who made space for epilepsy in their creative endeavors.


Host Christy McCaffrey is on a mission to shed light on all the good that is being done in our world right now. She focuses on a theme of compassion, highlighting a diverse group of guests, each who are working in their own unique way to make a difference in the world. This podcast is full of goodness and inspiration!


Host Jennifer Logue is a mission to make creativity accessible to all. Through conversations with artists, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, musicians, scientists, and so much more, we’ll be exploring creativity from every possible angle with the purpose of learning and growing in creativity together. New episodes are released every Sunday and you can listen anywhere you get your podcasts.



This podcast chats and chuckles at the ridiculous, heartbreaking, and sometimes funny sh*t that happens with epilepsy. By adding laughter to the conversation, people are able to connect, lower their guards, and open themselves to vulnerable discussions. The podcast’s goal is to explore the annoying, beautiful, and traumatic aspects of life with epilepsy, couched in laughter.

Host Landis Wiedner bring in experts, celebs, and regular folks to shed light on the crazy epilepsy sh*t that no one seems to talk about. And have a laugh about it.


And if you want to watch the video here it is:


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