For the past few years, Living Well With Epilepsy has dedicated June as Epilepsy Stigma Awareness Month. This year 30 bloggers/advocates/family foundations/epilepsy affiliates will each post throughout June on the topic of epilepsy stigma.

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If you plan to post on epilepsy stigma be sure to add the ambassador button to your site.

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Participants from Philadelphia to Camaroon have registered to participate in the Blog Relay. There are many more who are participating as ambassadors to amplify the story.

For additional details see the full press release at:

Living Well With Epilepsy

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The 30 influencers will cover epilepsy stigma in a variety of ways throughout the month of June. They will post personal stories, interviews, information on support groups or other epilepsy events. Then they will link to the next blogger in the relay. You can follow the series of posts via or your favorite epilepsy blogger. Let us know what you think by commenting on the posts. We want to hear your opinion!

See the schedule below

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