Epilepsy and H1N1 2010

Last year we were completely freaked out about H1N1. There were fights over who would get the vaccine. People were wearing masks, and hand sanitizer could be found everywhere. AES, CURE, Epilepsy Foundation, Epilepsy Therapy Project and FACES even joined together in support of public awareness on H1N1 virus risks in children … Read More

Back to school with epilepsy

Heading back to school with epilepsy can be stressful. But I have come across a site that can be a resource to parents, teachers, family and friends. The site is called Epilepsyclassroom.com. It opens with a welcome from Greg Grunberg of Heroes, founder of the site TalkAboutIt.org. The site was designed by … Read More

NJ forms State Task Force on Epilepsy

Governor Chris Christie has signed a bill to establish the New Jersey Epilepsy Task Force. This statewide task force will develop recommendations to educate the public and healthcare professionals about epilepsy and treatments as well as to address the psychosocial issues, such as depression, discrimination and stigmatization. The Act (S1928) was sponsored … Read More

Time to go camping

Ah, the warm summer breeze. The smell of cut grass and bug spray. It’s that time of year again when kids from all over will head to camp. But what about the kids that have seizures every day? These kids can’t go to camp, right? Or can they? Well, it turns out … Read More

Squeaky wheel gets the research dollars

Where does research money go when it isn’t put toward epilepsy? Obviously in these trying economic times those dollars are spread thin. But I thought it would be interesting to look at which areas are benefitting most. NIH released a report in February providing a detailed account of which diseases and conditions … Read More

Did Emily Dickinson have epilepsy?

In a much talked about biography of Emily Dickinson, Lives Like Loaded Guns, Lyndall Gordon poses the question, “Did Emily Dickinson have epilepsy?” According to Gordon, a senior research fellow at St. Hilda’s College, Oxford, Dickinson is both ambivalent and truthful about what she calls her sickness. Gordon says, “Her handicap or … Read More

Sudden unexplained deaths in epilepsy

This article was originally published in 2010. As of December 2013 estimates of SUDEP, are closer to a range of 5.5% – 18%.   What is SUDEP? According to the Danny Did Foundation, Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) refers to the unexpected death of a seemingly healthy person with epilepsy, where … Read More

Philly SheWrites birthday bash was a success

This week the Philadelphia contingent of SheWrites marked the first birthday of SheWrites.com. It was a small group with diverse writing interests. The event began with introductions and connections. As the conversation progressed we found that there were ways we could help each other in our business, writing process, strategy and creative … Read More

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