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Time to go camping

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Ah, the warm summer breeze. The smell of cut grass and bug spray. It’s that time of year again when kids from all over will head to camp. But what about the kids that have seizures every day? These kids can’t go to camp, right? Or can they?

Well, it turns out they can.

The Epilepsy Foundation and chapters all over the country work with local camps to set a week or more that is dedicated to kids with epilepsy. This allows the camps to create a situation that is safe for the campers and still allows kids the freedom that comes from swimming, hiking, boating and more.

For a list of camps in your area visit the Epilepsy Foundation’s Spotlight on 2010 Summer Camps.

So pack your bathing suit, don’t forget your meds, and get ready to toast marshmallows around the fire.

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