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Philly SheWrites birthday bash was a success

This week the Philadelphia contingent of SheWrites marked the first birthday of SheWrites.com. It was a small group with diverse writing interests. The event began with introductions and connections. As the conversation progressed we found that there were ways we could help each other in our business, writing process, strategy and creative approach.

Fairly early on one of the participants asked, “How do you use SheWrites?” It turned out that one participant is new to SheWrites, and two others have only visited the site once or twice. That’s when I began to evangelize. I told them of all the ways SheWrites has helped me as an emerging writer.

Now maybe I’m really good at this. Or, maybe I was so self-depricating the participants felt bad for me. Either way, everyone seemed to relax and have a good time. Everyone walked away with contact information and new ideas. And, I had an excuse to go to the bookstore and buy a SheWriter’s book. I’d say it was a good time had by all.

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