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Epilepsy Blog Relay: Meet Torie Robinson of Epilepsy Sparks

Torie Robinson

Torie Robinson is a charismatic and engaging podcast host on her show, Epilepsy Sparks Insights, where she features global leaders where she features global leaders in epileptology & neuroscience, plus, is CEO of Epilepsy Sparks which bridges the gap communication gap between clinicians, scientists, and families through education.

Torie is also an international keynote speaker: employing her personal and professional knowledge and experience of epilepsymental health, and diversity & inclusion to speak candidly on what it means to be different, how her illnesses/disabilities (and abilities!) affect her, affect others, and how organizations can be both inclusive and have an impact.

Epilepsy Sparks Podcast

Here’s one of her recent episodes:

Epilepsy Leadership

Torie has had both brain surgery for her epilepsy and stints in psychiatric hospitals due to mental health illnesses. Through her own lived experience, and her deep connection to the scientific community, Torie provides insight into the space where both psychiatric and neurological illnesses intersect.

With significant experience in the healthcare, education, financial and banking sectors, Torie communicates within these industries and relating professionally, internationally, culturally, and personally. She has held leadership roles in NHS, Epilepsy Action, and EpiCare.

Check out our link to the Epilepsy Glossary she developed, which has been endorsed by the Epilepsy Nurses Association (ESNA)

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