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When a Husband Becomes Epilepsy Caregiver

Sheri’s Story

My husband, Pete, and I met before my diagnosis. When I was diagnosed with Intractable Seizures, Pete simply accepted it as another aspect of our lives together. Now that we have been together for nearly 30 years, Pete has become my life-line.

I am sure Pete’s life has changed significantly, however he takes it in stride and has never once objected. Initially it was just the post-ictal care that I often needed. He would ensure that I didn’t get up and wander, or have additional seizures. He watched me like a hawk.

Husband to Caregiver

As time progressed my needs increased. My Rx’s increased to the point where I needed help keeping them organized, calling in refills, etc. Pete now handles that task for me. And now that I have a Vagus Nerve Implant, he is the one who uses the magnet to lessen or stop the seizure. This is yet another layer of medical care that he never expected, but our relationship has remained just the same otherwise.

Finally, when I became unable to drive, (that was a big one) Pete essentially became my chauffeur. This HAS had a strain on our marriage purely based on my frustration from being unable to drive. Pete does everything in his power to make me happy; driving me when he isn’t at work, weekends, days off.

Clearly my husbands’ life has taken a significant U-turn and he has done it with a smile on his face. He shows me that he cares, and caring is loving. I am a lucky girl.

  1. Maria
    | Reply

    I have epilepsy too and my husband takes care of me,I don’t know what I’d do without him,I’m one lucky lady as are you.

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