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Why was the June Epilepsy Blog Relay Delayed Until July?

Chose this photo because I’m starting to feel like I did something wrong in a past life!

June/July Epilepsy Blog Relay

What happened to the June Epilepsy Blog Relay you ask? Well, I have discovered that when you have a parent with advanced Alzheimer’s Disease; another parent with advanced COPD, heart disease, diabetes and recovering from sepsis; and a child who was in a severe accident which required a 2 week stay in the hospital and 3 week stay in a physical rehabilitation center, and continues to be non-weight bearing for another month or so; it can be tough to get much if any work done.

Obviously, I should not be surprised by this.

Parenting and the Middle Place

Any special needs parent who has a child that needs assistance with most activities of daily living has my undying respect. My respect was there already, but now I understand on a new level.

In my case, the hope is that this is a short term situation. We hope our daughter will regain her independence and be able to do all the things she dreams of now, and in the future.

Not loving this period of my life

I’ll be honest, this is not an awesome time right now. But we all have these periods in life right? I’ve had them before and survived them. If I can survive this, I know I will have a period of bliss with my loved ones. (ugh-That’s a little corny even for me) But seriously I do believe if I can just buckle down and get through this I will learn something and be better for it.

Epilepsy Blog Relay

In any case, I am planning to run the Epilepsy Blog Relay this July to fulfill the promise I made to you and to myself. I hope you will follow along.


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