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Epilepsy Blog Relay: Hayley shares how epilepsy has affected her family

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Hayley’s Story

My blog started as a way of sharing my epilepsy “journey” with those around me. It was a more detailed way of passing on information about what had been discussed at appointments without having to repeat myself loads of times. I also try and answer questions which people might have that they are embarrassed about asking in person or don’t quite know if they will offend me or not (chances are they won’t!). It is also a place for me to vent my own fears and frustrations and to keep me busy.

I also hope it is useful to other people who are part of the epilepsy community (those with epilepsy and friends and families) to help increase understanding and address stigma. This is my second entry for the Epilepsy Blog Relay and the subject I’ve been given this time is Epilepsy and Families. This isn’t something I’d normally be drawn to writing about because it hurts to acknowledge that having uncontrolled epilepsy has had an impact on my family, but I have chosen to explain ways in which it has had a positive impact on my “team”.


Sometimes when a ship gets wrecked the treasure is buried so deep it’s impossible to believe there can be any, but with enough patience and perseverance something good can come of everything.

I’m keeping it simple today and going for the “two stars and a wish” format. This is a primary school concept for marking children’s work whereby everything you mark gets two stars (positive comments) and a wish (something to work on). If you’re struggling with a long term health condition I’d really encourage you to do the same. The stars might not sparkle very often but once you’ve acknowledged what they are you can look out for them. During the next week or month try and be aware of what is happening around you. If you don’t have an immediate family use your extended family or network of friends. Try and find two things which are positive that are a direct result of your condition and notice how they affect that network. Write them down if you need to (yes I know the memory thing is very real).


Please follow the link to my full post at www.fitsandstarts.co.uk . I hope that it helps encourage others who are suffering to do some digging.

NEXT UP: Be sure to check out the next post tomorrow at https://livingwellwithepilepsy.com.

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