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Epilepsy Blog Relay: A letter to young Natalie

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This blog post was submitted by Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc., the Founding Sponsor of the November 2019 Epilepsy Blog Relay.

Natalie B.’s Story

Sunovion is proud to feature #MyEpilepsyHero Natalie Beavers, author of this post, who offers a window into the ups and downs she experienced while living a life with epilepsy at a young age.  Whether you’re living with epilepsy or a parent to a loved one, we hope these letters give a glimpse into the feelings and experiences common for young ones and the support needed to manage childhood and teenage years with epilepsy.

Hello Natalie,

You are such a beautiful child. Your smile brightens the room and everyone in it when you enter. It’s like you have the light when it’s dark. You were only five when you were diagnosed with epilepsy. At times, life may seem hard for you, but know that you are strong! I am here to share some advice that may help you along the way.

I know you are frightened of elementary school because there are so many people there who aren’t your family. Sometimes you’re embarrassed about a visible bump or bruise from a seizure. You want to stay home from school to hide it. Please don’t spend so much time feeling afraid of embarrassing yourself and your family. You’re putting that shame on yourself. You have amazing and supportive people around you—friends and teachers who are right there with you. No one will bully or make fun of you because of epilepsy—and when you grow up, you’ll help young people living with epilepsy who have been bullied. You’ll help them be strong because you are strong, even though you might not know that yet.

I see you standing at the classroom door saying, “I don’t think I want to go to recess today,” because you don’t want classmates seeing you have an episode. But your friends are knocking at the door, asking you to come out and play, because they don’t care that you have seizures.

Yes, it’s scary coming out of an episode surrounded by strange faces and not knowing where you are. But someone will run to get your sister from her class. She will hold you tight and tell you you’re okay. It’s comforting to know that you have your two sisters right by your side. They are not ashamed of your epilepsy. They actually have advised their classmates and even those in the neighborhood about it. So, it’s okay if you want to play outside with your friends and have some fun or even participate in school activities. Your sisters will always have your back and they love you dearly.

Also know that your parents absolutely love you Natalie. Yes, they were shocked when their baby girl was diagnosed with epilepsy but it didn’t change the love they have for you. Dad is there to pick you up when you fall down and give you those encouraging words: “No one’s life will be easy, so we have to stay encouraged and keep going.” Mom is there to help heal those scars life deals you and put a smile on your face. She’s always there to make you laugh out loud even when you’re hurt. Remember, they both told you to keep your head up and smile no matter what. So do that Natalie! One day you’ll even have two sons who will remind you that they’re not ashamed of your seizures. They want you to keep your head up, too.

Always remember this, you were given this life because you are a chosen one. You are strong, beautiful, courageous, and smart. One day you will advocate for and empower people around the world. You’ll create a book to help others and even receive awards because of this life. You will overcome this, Natalie. Take one day at a time and never give up! When your troubles try to scare you, just show them that you are stronger than they are.

Remember that getting back up and going on with your life after a seizure is a courageous thing. You are brave!

–Natalie today


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This blog post was submitted by Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc., the Founding Sponsor of the November 2019 Epilepsy Blog Relay.

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