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Year in Review: Top Stories of 2016

2016: Year in Review

Living Well With Epilepsy looks back over the stories that have inspired us throughout 2016.

Kristin Seaborg, MD

The Sacred Disease: Desperation drives a young doctor to open up about her epilepsy

In “The Sacred Disease: My Life with Epilepsy”, Kristin Seaborg, MD, a pediatrician, shares her personal epilepsy story. Read More

Leila’s Ideas: Remembering 7th Grade Stigma

Growing up with Epilepsy means growing up with stigma. In one of my earliest memories of stigma, I learned a valuable lesson. Read More

Leila’s Ideas: Speaking about stigma at the Mardi Gras Gala

In my speech at the Epilepsy Foundation of Western/Central Pennsylvania’s (EFWCP) annual Mardi Gras Gala I showed what life with epilepsy is like–both the good and the bad parts. Read More

Loss from Epilepsy, SUDEPLoss from Epilepsy: Shelby finds signs of Clay everywhere

I am a firm believer in signs, not the type that are physically positioned throughout our daily lives, but those that are spiritually given to us when we need them most. Read More

Epilepsy Blog Relay™: Jenny LaBaw on Epilepsy and Fitness

As a fitness professional, I encourage other people living with epilepsy (and their families) to focus on their health. This means sleeping well, keeping stress low, eating healthy and keeping active. Read More

Epilepsy Blog Relay™: The Embrace Watch Story

Rosalind W. Picard, Sc.D. recalls, “I’ll never forget the first time I saw the [Embrace Watch] data.” …I realized that we’d built a wristband that could detect generalized tonic-clonic seizures. Read More

Words resonate: College roommate reconnects over epilepsy

I heard from my college roommate the other day with a story of witnessing a woman having a seizure in New York City and what the experience was like. Read More

Emily Donoghue shortlisted for Young Epilepsy Award

The team at Living Well With Epilepsy is thrilled to announce that Emily Donoghue, who writes Emily’s Perspective has been shortlisted for an Inspirational Shining Star Champion Award. Read More

Emily’s Perspective: On Auras

Aura is the term used to describe symptoms that may occur before a seizure, but it is not uncommon for a seizure to not follow. You may have an aura from several seconds up to 60 minutes before a seizure. They vary massively for each individual, some will experience seeing bright lights, distortions in the size or shape of objects and hallucinations. Read More

An interview with Greg Grunberg and Phil Gattone

Greg Grunberg, Heroes Reborn and Star Wars: The Force Awakens actor, and Phil Gattone, President and CEO of the Epilepsy Foundation spoke with Jessica Keenan Smith, Founder of Living Well With Epilepsy about the revitalization of the TalkAboutIt.org site. Read More


Epilepsy Blog Relay™: Balancing Fitness Goals with Epilepsy

I love it when people say, just find the right balance. It sounds so simple. But, is it really? Read More

Epilepsy Blog Relay™: A Father’s Day note to the best dad ever

Happy Father’s Day to you Dave, and also to all the great dads like you who put their child with special needs first. You are all great dads. Read More

Meet the Purple Wedges

Meet the Purple Wedges, Living Well With Epilepsy’s newest guide, raising epilepsy awareness around the country. Read More

Traveling with Epilepsy: Finding Adventure in Slovenia

Sometimes, finding adventure means ignoring fears and jumping in with both feet. Going canyoning in Slovenia required just that! Read More

Emily's FamilyEmily’s Perspective: My Family’s Epilepsy Experience

Epilepsy doesn’t just impact the person diagnosed, it also effects the entire family. Emily shares her family’s experience and offers advice to others. Read More

Epilepsy and Fitness: Choosing a Charity and Giving Back

When you give back to the community while doing something you love, everybody wins. Abby shares how she gives back with Girls on the Run. Read More

Tell the world: #IAMSUDEPAWARE

Tell the world about SUDEP Many people are unaware they are at risk of SUDEP or Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy. That’s why SUDEP Aware, Living Well With Epilepsy and Lundbeck have joined forces to shine a spotlight on SUDEP … Read More

Eliza’s Story: Finding moments of strength

Since being diagnosed with epilepsy, sometimes I feel like I have grown into my new self. In those moments of strength, I feel at peace with my reality. Read More

Emily’s Perspective: Giving Back

In 2006 I was diagnosed with Epilepsy. At the time I was confused; we all were. I have written quite a bit about my general experience but basically, I grew to adapt to my seizures and new lifestyle and I … Read More



Spread the word about SUDEP today, approximately 65 Million people around the world are living with epilepsy and each year, an estimated 1 in 1000 people with epilepsy die from Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP). Read More

Epilepsy Blog Relay™: My Son is #MyEpilepsyHero

This post is part of the Epilepsy Blog Relay™, which will run from November 1 to November 30, 2016. Follow along! This blog post was submitted by Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc., the Founding Sponsor of the November 2016 Epilepsy Blog Relay. … Read More

Epilepsy Blog Relay™: Medikidz and LGS

The latest installment in the Medikidz series, “Medikidz Explain Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS),” is about a seven-year-old boy named Jackson living with LGS

Read More

Rosario’s Story: Learning from pain

I’ve learned to breathe through the pain but, I can’t lie. Every time I see something that reminds me the worst days of my life, fear seizes me. Read More

Emily_Lisa's StoryLisa’s Story: Pediatric Epilepsy, It’s a Process

Lisa’s story is a look into what it took to diagnose her daughter’s pediatric epilepsy. She reminds us, “Take a deep breath, and trust your gut”. Read More


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