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Raise epilepsy awareness like a superstar

EFA walkCheck out these three epilepsy awareness superstars. They are making a difference for women, children and teens living with epilepsy, each in their own unique way.

Wonder Women

More than 1 million women in the U.S. have epilepsy. Unfortunately, many are unaware that they face issues exclusive to their female bodies. These issues are in relation to seizure frequency and anti-epileptic drug effects on hormones, birth control, pregnancy, bone health, psychiatric diagnoses, and other co-morbidities.

Alexis and Eliana of Wonder Women:

Alexis and Eliana, two young women with epilepsy, have come together to create WONDER WOMEN: Empowered Women with Epilepsy. Their mission is to create a community that empowers women of all ages living with epilepsy through education, advocacy, and the opportunity to share experiences.


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EXCERPT: “People constantly tell me that they are praying for a miracle for Virginia. I know they mean well. But I think when we’re waiting for miracles, we’re often missing the everyday miraculous that already surrounds us

Don’t get me wrong, a cure would be great. Seriously, Jesus. Awesome. Bring it on. But praying for a cure, waiting for a simple solution, can make us myopic. We focus on what needs fixing instead of what’s already working; what we lack, instead of what we have.” Read More

Kate Neale Cooper of Fits+Starts:

Kate Neale Cooper is a freelance writer and editor and the mother of three children. Her daughter, Virginia, age 11, has had epilepsy for 10 years and suffered more than 10,000 seizures. Kate says she has approached epilepsy the way she approaches many things in life that bother her: in fits and starts, which is how she came up with the name for her blog. Her hope for the blog is that it helps her—and others—find some equilibrium in this struggle. Her hope is that despite all the fits, Virginia’s life can be full of starts.


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catieEpilepsy Awareness Squad

EXCERPT: “My name is Jen Annett. I am a wife, a mother, a professional triathlete, an employee, and I have epilepsy.

I started having simple partial seizures (also known as Auras) after I got hit by a car in 2008 while I was on my bike, training for the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. I continued to have these “spells,” which went undiagnosed, for 2 years. The doctors just kept brushing these “feelings” off as electrolyte imbalances from my training. I continued to race triathlon and Ironman, and it wasn’t until December of 2010 that I had my first Grand Mal Seizure.” Read More

Catie and Dan of the Epilepsy Awareness Squad:

The Epilepsy Awareness Squad was created in June of 2013 by Caitie Shaw and Dan Nixon after Caitie spent a week in BC Children’s Hospital for her Epilepsy. We felt there was a need to increase awareness of the disorder and combat the stigma often associated with it. As a youth initiative, we are determined to decrease the stigma and rumors surrounding Epilepsy. We do this through educational and outreach initiatives. We offer presentations to schools, participate in community events and host various fundraising activities in our community. We also maintain an active online presence.

EAS Logo

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Check back for more featured epilepsy awareness superstars!

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