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How to have a career and manage epilepsy

What the EF podcast kicks off Seizen 3 with Jennifer Reyes on her strategies for the awkward convos at work about seizures or needing accommodations (which are legally required but hard to ask for). Grab a pen because you’ll want to write these tips down!

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Landis is a Chicago-based writer, whose work has been featured on NBCNewsTHINK, Wired and Chicago Tribune. She is a writer and Editor for Living Well With Epilepsy. Landis brings a humorous perspective to life with epilepsy. Diagnosed at 32 years old, she sheds light and laughs on managing a new life with seizures. Landis strives to create a touchstone for the chronically ill and those who support them. She is currently finishing a humorous memoir, “My Brain Tumor’s Boyfriend.”

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