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Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year a little early! I hope everyone is ready for a great new year. I know I am. Boy, this past year was a doozy. As I was cleaning up from the holiday and thinking about the new year I put together a few resolutions, some general and some epilepsy related. I thought I might share them with you all.

According to all the New Year’s Resolutions lists I could find, there are always a few that float to the top. In fact I found a chart that shows how many of us default to these goals each year.

Infographic: America's Top New Year's Resolutions for 2023 | Statista

Epilepsy Resolutions

These are great but they’re pretty generic. And they certainly won’t make any headway in the fight against epilepsy.

My Epilepsy Resolutions

Here are a few of my goals for the coming year
1.) Collaborate more throughout the epilepsy community
2.) Push for more scientific communication to be accessible to the community
3.) Reach more people earlier in their epilepsy journey

Your Epilepsy Resolutions

Mike in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada said:
“My main epilepsy resolution is to raise more awareness. ”

Angela of South Jordan, Utah said:
“Forget RESOLUTIONS: make a new year REVOLUTION and fight the fear and stigma of #epilepsy#happynewyear and here’s to a #seizure free new year”.

Kris of Chicago said:
“My epilepsy resolution would be to have a completely siezure-free year.”

Melissa of Palm Bay, Florida said:
“My resolution is to continue spreading the word about epilepsy and seizures. So many people think something is “wrong” or that I’m “sick.”

Share Your Epilepsy Resolutions

Comment below to share your resolution!

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  1. Greg
    | Reply

    Love the “one letter changes everything” graphic in your post! Needs a t-shirt!

  2. Jessica
    | Reply

    Greg thanks for the comment. I agree, that's definitely a t-shirt I would wear.

  3. KrisUnderwood
    | Reply

    Jessica-thanks for the links!

  4. Jessica Keenan Smith
    | Reply

    No problem! And thanks for your comment (and a little hooray since now I can reply to comments!

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