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Epilepsy Blog Relay: Pushing the limits of my epilepsy

Horses near Hunter Mountain Photo Credit: Jessica Keenan SmithA few years ago, my family took a vacation at Hunter Mountain thanks to the generosity of some very good friends. The trip was not only relaxing, but it gave me the chance to push the limits of my epilepsy in ways that surprised me.

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Perfect opportunity

To be honest, I’m not nearly as adventurous as some people you will read about on Living Well With Epilepsy. But this time I couldn’t pass up the opportunity because there are some things I don’t get to do very often, such as a hike to the top of a mountain, go horseback riding, relaxing in a jacuzzi, and go tubing on rapids. This vacation was my chance to test those limits.

Pushing the limits

The trip was delightful until we came to the tubing portion. Before we even got going, the staff asked if anyone had a medical condition, and my husband mentioned that we have a person with epilepsy in our group.

Now, my husband and I have been married for 20 years and we have known each other since 1990. He knows my limitations, and he is a paramedic. I would never want to put him in a position to have to treat me (in a river, no less), but I have no doubt he could handle it. When the staff said, a person with epilepsy could not tube the rapids “because the shock of the cold water could cause a seizure.” My husband and I responded forcefully in concert, “That’s not a thing.” The rest of our group suppressed their chuckles as best they could.

Another epilepsy myth busted

I get it—the staff wanted to remove any responsibility from the company. So, I dutifully signed every bit of paper they wanted me to, releasing them from any liability. Later, as we were floating down the river, my husband yelled out, “how are you doing.” I responded, “no seizures yet,” in my smart-ass tone. Our group had a delightful day tubing, and I remained seizure-free as expected.


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