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Kathryn’s Story: Motherhood and Epilepsy

Kathryn’s Experience with Motherhood and Epilepsy

As a 29-year-old woman, my first seizures came as a massive shock. They were at my son’s school with no warning, no rhyme or reason, just something that threw my life into chaos for no reason. I was devastated. I felt vulnerable, embarrassed, and helpless. 

My hopes of driving, living a normal life, or even feeling safe with my child were all taken away. I have tonic clonic seizures and vacant episodes.

Teaching a child seizure first aid

We had to teach my son, who was 7 at the time, how to put me into the recovery position, how to call for help when I needed medical treatment, and when just to call his grandad or family friends. It’s something I still feel is a big burden for him, but he makes me so proud. After a very bad seizure when I vomited, he saved my life. After awhile and trying several types of medication, things got more stable. My seizures aren’t very well controlled right now, but I have gotten used to it.

My family has been brilliant. Some friends were lost, but some friends were kept. They are so supportive of me and what it means to be living with epilepsy.

Teaching a child the tools for living with epilepsy

It is now three years since I was diagnosed. I had another child who also has epilepsy. He has the same seizures as me but, as fate would have it, we have epilepsy for different reasons. I found this very difficult in terms of guilt and seeing him have seizures is very upsetting. The hospital trips, particularly during the pandemic, were tough.

However, I feel better prepared having gone through this myself. I can equip him with the things he needs and tools to live a normal life in order to achieve all the things he might want to do in life. At times epilepsy is hell, but you can live with it. You just have to adapt things to suit your new circumstances.

About the Author

Kathryn Stewart is from Somerset, UK. Her Instagram handle is @thelifeofkathrynelizabeth.  

  1. Paige
    | Reply

    Such an amazing read. You really are an inspirational women. I’m so proud of everything you have been through and everything you continue to battle through. Elijah is a credit to you ❤️

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