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Global Epilepsy: Helping Those with Living with Epilepsy in Uganda

Epilepsy in Uganda

My name is Gideon Ronald Akanyijuka. I am CEO of Epilepsy Awareness Uganda (EAU). EAU is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) that brings together all persons affected by epilepsy in Uganda.

This past year has been so difficult for everyone, but for people living with Epilepsy, it has been even more difficult. Considering there was a total lock down for three months in Uganda, getting medication was even more difficult than usual. And this made the conditions of most people living with Epilepsy that much worse.

Having less food or no meals at all proved to be a problem for those people with epilepsy who take medication. We received so many calls from our epilepsy awareness Uganda family who needed help but we could only reach out to few, due to fewer funds available.

Gratitude for the Good Times

Though the year has been difficult we have had some good times. EAU has received donations of wheelchair to benefit one of our community members who really needed a wheelchair for easy movement. We also received masks and sanitizers for our epilepsy family.

Life is about being honest, real, humble, understanding, and being able to reach out and touch the lives of others while holding gratitude in your heart. Thank you to all who have supported EAU in our time of need.

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