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Managing stress with yoga during the pandemic can help with seizure control

Kenny’s Story

During the long quarantine that we have all experienced, I find that it comes with a lot of stress. During this time, I have tried many ways to alleviate this stress and anxiety as it may induce small absence seizures. I find that when I calm my mind and take the time to rest and eat well my brain feels less foggy and more productive.


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Yoga for Stress

I am on medication, but I find there are days where it may be hard to focus. Whether this is due to my epilepsy or not, I am not completely sure, but I know that taking care of my brain is a necessary activity. I have tried many different workout routines and all of them seemed fairly boring and did not create relaxation for me after I did them. They helped me sleep well, which is, of course, important for our epilepsy but it wasn’t fulfilling. I did, however, at the beginning of the pandemic start to take Yoga classes virtually.

Intentionally incorporating yoga

I truly believe that yoga has been the best thing for me. It helps with anxiety and keeps me active. It also relaxes me enough that I find my day to be productive and it induces a night of restful sleep. Now that I am back in college this fall and have a hectic schedule, I haven’t been able to enjoy yoga as much, but I plan on getting back into it closer to Thanksgiving and during my winter break. I have even actively made my schedule for my next and last semester so that I can wake up and start my day with a stress-relieving and fun yoga session.

If you have not tried this type of exercise, I highly recommend yoga as it encompasses all the important needs that our brains have when dealing with epilepsy. I’ll finish by saying Kaylie Daniels on YouTube has great classes that are relaxing and challenging! I hope everyone tries it out to see if it helps with your brain productivity and anxiety relief.







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