Epilepsy Blog Relay: Caregiver Fatigue

Sometimes it’s hard to practice self-care of yourself if you’re busy as caregiver. Leila shares with us why it’s important to avoid caregiver fatigue.

20+ things we love to make evey day cozy in 2019

Check out our writer’s list of the 20+ must haves for Living Well With Epilepsy in 2019. The team shared their favorite things to stay cozy in 2019 including everything from white boards for memory, to food services for when you can’t get to the store, or a cozy blanket for when you just want to hide!

How these 3 seizure triggers can guide your New Year’s resolutions

One of the things I do yearly is to look at my seizure triggers and try and create a plan of action in order to avoid seizures in my life, so I thought I would go through the items that I deal with and how to avoid issues throughout the year so that you may find some sort of system that works for you.

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