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Does healthy lifestyle and wellness have an impact on epilepsy?

Vinay’s Story

Hello my name is Vinay Jani and I’m from New Delhi, India. I was diagnosed with complex partial epilepsy in July’2005 due to a non-cancerous cyst in left temporal region of my brain and I was 21 years old at that time.

I used to live a very active life those days as in 2003 only I reduced 65kgs of weight (143 lbs) but due to epilepsy I stopped following my daily routine. Yes, I’d say that the challenge life has given me was not acceptable to me at that time and I was pushing myself into depression by over thinking about it.

Early struggles with medication

Initially the course of treatment was started with homeopathy treatment but it didn’t work for me so I switched to ayurvedic medicines. In December’2008 I had a generalized seizure due to which I was hospitalized and after that I changed my course of medications. From July’2005 to December’2008 I regained 40kgs weight and was weighing around 112kgs. While prescribing medicines my doctor said “I’m prescribing medicines which are prescribed to a person below 100kgs of weight now you have to take a call whether loose your or you want to increase your medicine dosage” and that would I say a turnaround point for me.

Slowly and gradually my seizures were controlled through medication and I again resumed daily routine which I use to follow. After living seizure free life for four years through medication my doctor decided to withdraw my medication slowly and gradually. It took almost a year in the weaning off process of the medicines and after one year I got a trigger and I again consulted my doctor he immediately resumed my medicines. But, this time I didn’t want to over-think my wellness again.

Indoor cycling was a gateway to wellness

In 2015, I got connected indoor cycling instructor and he introduced me to outdoor cycling. I told him about my medical condition then I never look back. He was also running a cycling club where mostly riders use to do endurance cycling commonly known as BRM or Brevet but all my co-riders are aware medical problem so they never use to leave me alone during the event. I did my first BRM of 200km in May’2016 and did two Super Randonneur title in Audax Calendar Year 2016-17 and after that I started doing Brevet in every season.


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Ultra-Cycling and marathons are not off limits

I also did an Ultra BRM of 1000kms in Audax Calendar Year 2017-18 through which I did pre-registration of 19th Edition of Paris-Brest-Paris in January’2019 and did my Super Randonneur to meet up the eligibility criteria and after that I started training myself for event. Though I had to abandon the event in between due to some technical issues. It is wisely said that sometimes learning comes with the mistakes and failures but its our thought whether we are looking on lesson learned from our mistakes and failures or thinking just about the failure. Paris Brest Paris was a completely learning experience for me as a randonneur and I’m looking forward to re-attempt the 20th Edition.

After coming back to India, I started endurance running too and did my half marathon in Oct’2019 and after that I started preparing for a marathon which was scheduled in Feb’2020 and completed that and earned a Marathoner title.

Wellness of body and mind

In my story I reflected my two sides. One who is down in depression, over-thinking about his medical challenge and the one who is happy, become more determined towards its goals.  With time I’ve realized that wellness of mind and body is always required.

Mentally well people are positive, self-assured, determined and happy and can control their thoughts, emotions and behaviour. This enables a person to handle challenges and also helps in creating strong relationships. To achieve this we all need a happy and peaceful mind. I firmly believe that we should do things which makes us happy.

In 2016 I had to change to my doctor due to some reasons and he used to advise blood check-ups time to time from him only I got to know that anti-epileptic drugs take a toll on the immunity of the body. A habit of eating healthy got changed to a healthy lifestyle which also complimented me in mental wellness. So, by keeping wellness of mind and body I hope there is a chance I can have fewer seizures.

Note: This is one person’s experience not medical advice

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