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Epilepsy Blog Relay: Alison on building your family when you have epilepsy

This post is part of the Epilepsy Blog Relay™ which will run from March 1 through March 31. Follow along!

About Alison’s Blog

Shed the Light on Epilepsy was born from a passion to fight the stigma that surrounds epilepsy. Blogger, Alison Zetterquist, lived in hiding for almost 35 years because of her own embarrassment about her epilepsy. Then, one day, she realized that if people with epilepsy don’t begin opening up about it, the stigma – culturally based and a product of ignorance – will never end. So, she started telling people and was amazed at how many took it in stride.

Her blog covers a good deal of ground about stigma and how to talk about it. And, as it aged, Alison began branching out into other topics about epilepsy and featuring guest blogs from Shan O’Meara. With luck, you’ll find a few that will speak to you.

Alison’s latest post

The newest post, “Building Your Family When You Have Epilepsy” is about our ability to shape the “family” we have to fall back on for support. It explores what a family really is and suggests understanding our needs for different kinds of reinforcements depending on the situation at hand. Is it physical or emotional? And if the latter, do you want someone who will empathize or someone who will help you solve whatever troubles you? Do you need rides, food, or other sustenance if stuck at home – and, for that matter, must you rely on family to get them? And what do you do to support them? In essence, the article is about determining what you’re having difficulty doing on your own and figuring out how to grow your extended family to help you find solutions with people you love.


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