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Epilepsy Blog Relay: Allison is shedding light on epilepsy one aura at a time

This post is part of the Epilepsy Blog Relay™, which will run from November 1 to November 30, 2018.  Follow along!

Allison’s Story

I’m blessed with being able to control my tonic-clonic seizures with epilepsy medications. Nonetheless, having epilepsy haunted me, and I hid my condition for 36 years.  Finally fed up with the stigma against epilepsy, I began opening up, choosing moments to tell people I knew well of my epilepsy.  Its stigma is culturally based, as well as a product of ignorance.  It’s up to us, through open discussions, to change the perceptions of others, doing away with the stigma.  This belief prompted me to write… and write more and more.  While my blog explores topics beyond stigma, at its core, encouraging those who hide their epilepsy to talk is shedlightonepilepsy.org’s mission.

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What if you just don’t care?

Care about what?  Having a seizure. Well, of course I care, that is when I’m in my right mind.  But my aura changes all that and, in fact, it is, er, enjoyable.  Let me explain: I have tonic-clonic seizures when I forget to take my meds on schedule.  For a couple of hours before then, I experience an aura/seizure, during which I have a sense of omniscience.  Others’ thoughts open up to me — or so I think.  I float from one thing to the next, keeping appointments and being aware of the odd looks people throw my way when I haltingly try to talk or simply don’t make sense.  Those around me to whom I’m close know the telltale signs of my speech pattern.  However, I used to keep my secret locked away at work, others not knowing what to make of my odd behavior.


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