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Epilepsy Blog Relay: Maintaining Work Life Balance with a Chronic Illness

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Work Life Balance

Whoever said work life balance existed lied! I believe there should more of a push to achieve harmony in ones life. Throughout the day we are being pulled in a thousand directions and asked to do a thousand varying things. But are we getting it all done? and at what cost?

Creating work life balance is something we all struggle with daily. At some point in the week, for me it’s the day, I feel like I’m failing at something. Other days I feel like I’m failing at EVERYTHING!

About Jewel Davis

I have a seizure disorder that I have navigated for roughly 11 years. One day, I was living a typical early twenty lifestyle then the next I was laying in a hospital bed recovery from my first seizure. Fast forward to current day, where I am learning to juggle the millions of things I do daily in conjunction to maintaining my health. Which is extremely difficult when you have a chronic illness because life can be unpredictable.

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Jewel Gibson, fondly known as "Life's a Jewel," is an epilepsy advocate, an educator,  avid reader, plant lover, city girl and all around great momma and wife.

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