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Epilepsy Blog Relay: Diagnosed with Epilepsy as an Adult

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Julian’s Story

There I was – in my dream job at the State Department of Education. I was 56 years old and enjoying the travel around the state, collaborating with various school districts, conducting training sessions, and moving freely between counties. I’ve always loved driving!

I had to take medical leave for shoulder surgery. Driving home with my four-year-old grandson in the back seat, I took a bite of a just purchased sandwich. About four minutes later I asked, “Where were we going?” He said “To your house Yaya.” I had missed my turn onto my street by a mile!

A month later, after returning to work, I again had an instance after stopping for lunch then getting back in the car to complete my travel. My life as I knew it would never be the same.

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Perceptions about epilepsy

I thought epilepsy was something that manifested itself early in life. I thought it was something that ran in families. Here I am three years later still waiting to go six months without an incident. I miss the freedom of driving, I miss the smiling faces at school districts around the state, but I am thankful to still be here. I look forward to being six months seizure-free. Maybe I can drive long distances again!!! I am learning to live with my new normal.

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