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Epilepsy Blog Relay: Vitamins and epilepsy

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Does anyone else take vitamins to help with seizures? I take them for my migraines but also for the side effects from my medications. There are times that I am out of them for a day or two but I always pick right back up. I recently ran out of my Vitamin D and kept forgetting to purchase more. It was a bad move.

Why take vitamins

Some of the health benefits of Vitamin D include: calcium absorption and strong bone growth, less drowsiness and increased energy, lowered risk of chronic diseases, and keeping a healthy immune system. Due to my diagnosis, the need for a healthy immune system and increased energy is essential to my daily functioning.

Another part of the reason I take Vitamin D is because I live in Pennsylvania. If you know anything about it here, you know that the sun is pretty much absent during winter. It snowed the last week of April. That means our sun was limited from November-May. The sun hitting your skin is a natural way to get your vitamin D. Since I don’t see the sun often, I need a supplement (this is prescribed by my doctor). Getting that Vitamin D may also help keep your mood up–something I need with my Keppra-tude!

Now I know

It didn’t occur to me how important taking the vitamin was. I knew it needed to be part of my routine and I knew it has benefits. Still, I wasn’t as alarmed as I should have been when I ran out. When I stopped for a couple of weeks, I noticed I was tired a lot more. I mean, exhausted. I could fall asleep immediately after putting my head down (sometimes it didn’t even take that). My epilepsy meds make me very tired and I forgot just how bad it was. This served as a reminder to me that I need to listen to my doctor, take my medications as prescribed, and remember that my epilepsy is still here and needs my diligence.

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  1. angie stimson
    | Reply

    thank you for this reminder. Ive just started taking an Omega supplant(vegan) cos even though i have a lot of good fats in my diet i always feel the benefit when I increase them, But the biggest thing that helped was this Powdered Green Superfood stuff. Its got all sorts of Spirulina type things in it, seems to give me more energy .

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