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Stephanie’s Story: Beating the Seizures

StephanieThis personal story was submitted by Stephanie who is living with epilepsy and now feels she is not alone thanks in part to your stories. I hope you enjoy learning about Stephanie’s experience. 

Stephanie’s Story

For five years I have been hospitalized mutliple times with multiple diagnosis, all now reversed. Through this process one smart doctor chose to put me on divalproex, otherwise known as valproate, because he saw me have large kinetic movement, or jerking. Finally after a week on it, I experienced relief from strange symptoms that I’d had for over twenty years.

My naturopathic physician, who also has training in pharmacology began to wonder, do I really have epilepsy? I asked to see a neurologist, waiting for 6 months with still no appointment in site, I gave up on the doctors and started my own treatment plan. I’m happy to say I haven’t had any major seizures or hospitalizations since and I have been able to reduce my divalproex and keep it at a steady dose.

Thank goodness for all the information all over the internet. In this time, my son who had weird illness, undiagnosed as well, started to have some major jerking seizure type activity. After multiple neurologist visits, they still didn’t know for sure what it was because his EEG’s were negative. We had video and could tell the doctors the anti-seizure medicine worked for me, but they didn’t want to turn him into a zombie. So, that was that, time for mom to go full guns and get my kid fixed.

Beating the Seizures

I spent months reading and contacting experts and learning as much as possible. My son’s seizures are now very infrequent, short and tiny and getting better every day. Please don’t listen to anyone that tells you to do one therapy at a time, its ridiculous old advice. Our treatment plan includes a ketogenic diet (20-40 grams/carb)- not as severe as some, supplements including zinc, selenium, black seed oil, seabuckthorn oil, lion’s mane (memory), and therapeutic ketones (contact me on Instagram or Twitter for brands). We’ve also used Bowen Therapy with an Registered Masage Therapist (amazing, couldn’t say enough about how good it is for your central nervous system). And we use MCT oil right before bed to keep the brain fed and insulated.

Do whatever it takes for you on your journey and best wishes to everyone.

Your Turn

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