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Picture a Cure: Gearing up for Epilepsy Stigma Awareness Month

Picture a Cure online exhibitIf you were busy increasing epilepsy awareness on Purple Day, you may have missed Picture a Cure: an online exhibit when it was featured on the home page. The exhibit is now featured prominently in the main navigation and the sidebar for easy access.

You will find photos from Living Well With Epilepsy readers brave enough to share what one day of epilepsy looks like in their world. Photos were submitted from all around the globe including: Uganda, Australia, England and throughout the USA.

Continue to submit photos

The Picture a Cure exhibit will be featured on the home page again on June 1 to kick off Epilepsy Stigma Awareness Month. So Living Well With Epilepsy is continuing to accept photos.

As before, I’d like these images to illustrate the diversity and quantity of medicine/food/vitamins/electricity it takes each of us, every day to treat epilepsy. I’d also like to show what epilepsy stigma looks like to you.

A few ideas

Your picture may be:

  • A suspended license
  • A job rejection letter
  • An email breakup
  • Makeup to cover scars
  • Where you hide your meds
  • Anything you do to try to feel “normal”

To participate please use the form below to send in your photos along with a caption or note.

Submit your pic

Be sure your picture:

  • Is a large or high resolution picture (from your phone is fine)
  • Includes a caption
  • Includes the type of seizures you have
  • Include country
  • If US include the state

You DON’T have to:

  • Show your face
  • Give your name
  • Provide personal details

A few suggestions:

  • Send photos in focus
  • Send big or high resolution pics
  • Send as many pics as you want

Deadline to Submit: May 16

[jotform id=”40595313073148″]

Thank you in advance for your submission.


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