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MyEpilepsy: New epilepsy app from the Cleveland Clinic

epilespsy-icon-178pxApps are changing the way we manage our healthcare. MyEpilepsy, a free iPad app, was just released by the Cleveland Clinic. This new app is available to anyone with an iPad through the iTunes App Store.

MyEpilepsy offers tools for people living with epilepsy to better manage the disorder. It can keep a record of daily seizure activity, help manage appointments and provides reminders to stay on track with medications. It also makes communicating everything that happens between doctors visits much easier.

An app for epilepsy

Dr. Imad Najm, Director of the Epilepsy Center at the Cleveland Clinic Neurological Institute, led the project to create MyEpilepsy. Dr. Najm has over 22 years experience in Clinical and Basic Mechanisms of Epilepsy. He has been with the Cleveland Clinic since he completed his residency and fellowship there in 1997, and has been in his current position since 2006.

Imad Najm, MD
Imad Najm, MD

“My goal,” explains Dr. Najm, “is to reach patients, wherever they live, all over the world.” He stressed the importance of having easy access to high quality information on epilepsy.

The app offers several tools including a disease tracking tool, featuring an in-depth questionnaire. Some of you may find the questions reminiscent of a visit to the neurologist. That’s because the team of epileptologists, who crafted the survey, took the questions they use during their visits with patients and modified them to be more user friendly. Dr. Najm remarked, “We wanted to find a way to communicate high level medical information to people [who are not in the healthcare field].”

Gathering feedback

The team is already thinking ahead to the next version of the app. They hope to roll it out to iPhone users in the future. For now, they are anxious to hear your feedback. To download the app click on the image below:







You can submit feedback through the contact us form in the app, or just comment below if you’ve tried the app.

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