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Studio E: how art is helping people with epilepsy

Neronas, Oil on Canvas, by Nicholas V.Artwork by participants in the Studio E: The Epilepsy Art Therapy Program was on display at the annual meeting of the American Epilepsy Society. Overwhelmingly positive feedback for the Studio E program has inspired upcoming research to further understand the potential benefits of art therapy for people with epilepsy.

This is the second year that Lundbeck and the Epilepsy Foundation have joined forces to support this important program. “Through the creative process, art therapy provides people a non-verbal way to identify, communicate and work towards resolving conflicts and problems, and consequently to reduce stress, increase self-esteem and restore an internal locus of control,” said Dr. Steven Schachter, professor of neurology, Harvard Medical School and chief academic officer, Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology.

The Studio E program offers weekly group art therapy sessions for adults, teens and children living with epilepsy. The participants work with licensed art therapists using a variety of artistic media, including painting, sketching and sculpting over several sessions.

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Studio E: Epilepsy Art Therapywww.yourpartnerinepilepsy.com
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