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Share Your Story on Living Well With Epilepsy

Check out the latest feature on Living Well With Epilepsy. Now you can share your own story right here.  Just visit the Share Your Story page, fill out the form that has a place for your story right there and send it off.

We saw how important sharing just four words could be, at the Annual Walk for Epilepsy, in Washington DC. We’ve also seen what an amazing resource social media can be to families that feel isolated.

Why share?
There are so many reasons to share your story.

  1. Get it off your chest
  2. Be thankful
  3. Go ahead, complain
  4. Surprise us with your experiences
  5. Make a difference

What will happen to my story?
Well, that depends. Let’s see if anyone uses the feature. If you decide to use the feature then we will find a special place for your special words!

How can my story make a difference?
You never know who you might touch, who you might help, who you might move to speak out about epilepsy. It’s time for us to stop hiding in the shadows. It’s time to be loud and proud, because honestly nothing is going to change if we don’t speak up.

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Founder and CEO Jessica brings a unique perspective to this leading epilepsy blog as she was diagnosed with epilepsy as a teen. She also brings 20+ years experience in marketing.

4 Responses

  1. Travis
    | Reply

    I think this is a great idea! If you have epilepsy or any type of disorder it's important to get your story out there. I just shared mine! Hopefully more people will do the same.


  2. Jessica Keenan Smith
    | Reply

    Thanks for sharing your story!

  3. Manhattan Storm
    | Reply


    One year of living a seizure nightmare before I was finally diagnosed.

  4. Jessica Keenan Smith
    | Reply

    Thanks for sharing your story!!

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