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Living Well With Epilepsy takes up Echoing Green’s challenge

Eg challengeEchoing Green, through a partnership with GoodMaker, asked the question, “How would you spend $1000 to build deeper relationships with the community you most want to serve?”

Living Well With Epilepsy responded with a vision to transform the blog into a movement.

Please Vote
Living Well With Epilepsy is only challenger hoping to build deeper relationships with the EPILEPSY community. This time your vote really counts.

We can’t do this without your help. Please vote for Living Well With Epilepsy at: http://purpose.maker.good.is/projects/epilepsy

How to Vote
Visit Living Well With Epilepsy page at: http://purpose.maker.good.is/projects/epilepsy. In order to vote, you will need to create a GOOD account. Your account information is secure, and will not be shared. Then just click the big pink button that reads “Vote for this idea.”

Learn more 
To learn more about the challenge and Living Well With Epilepsy’s proposal visit GoodMaker

Thanks for your votes!!!

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