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Epilepsy Foundation affiliates join in the festivities

Thank you to Allison McCartin of the EFEPA and Liza Gundell of EFNJ who both made time in their busy schedules to join in the festivities at the Living Well With Epilepsy launch party.  It was especially meaningful to have representatives from both PA and NJ at the event.

Thanks again and we look forward to working with you more in the future.

Launching this site has been a great way to mark Epilepsy Awareness Month. There are still a few days left so let us know what you think of the new site before the month is out.

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  1. Dan dougherty
    | Reply

    Hello Jessica and Living Well with Epilepsy

    I am a volunteer with EFEPA and a personal advocate for epilepsy. Allison McCartin and EFEPA has been great support for me as I live with uncontrolled epilepsy!! As an advocate and public speaker, I would live to help raise awareness with this organization!! ps: Great Website!!

    • Jessica
      | Reply

      Thanks for your comment. I’m thrilled to hear that the EFEPA has been there for you. It’s so important to hear how great the services are from people who are really utilizing them!

      And hey, thanks for the positive feedback on the site.

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