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Epilepsy in the Philippines

Living Well recently had visitors from the Philippines. As a way to welcome these folks, we’d like to take a minute to shine a spotlight on the Philippine League Against Epilepsy (PLAE).

PLAE is recognized as the Philippines national chapter of the International League Against Epilepsy, with regional representation throughout the country. The PLAE is a national non-profit organization of health professionals committed to the improvement of the quality of life of persons with epilepsy in the Philippines. They impart their mission through education, research, prevention, advocacy and the delivery of optimal care.

A History of Making a Difference
Since 1997 the PLAE has been acknowledged as the expert source of information and continuing professional education in the care of persons with epilepsy. The organization also maintains a national epilepsy registry and a fund for research and other activities.

For more information
To learn more about PLAE visit their website. There you will find information on their activities and photos from recent events.

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  1. Prof. Albert C. Apilado --- Iloilo City, Philippines
    | Reply

    Epilepsy is the challenge of my life… bitter to have…but I toke it as my inspiration…and used coping strategies….and…the challenge brought happiness. As a person with Epilepsy…I’m one of the Epilepsy Exemplar Awardees of the Philippine League Against Epilepsy, a Nurse, a Clinical Instructor, an Associate Professor of a University and hoping to finish my Ph. D. in Education degree….Illness is not a hindrance to success! Now, I’m living Well with Epilepsy…! I’m very proud to be a person with Epilepsy!

    —Prof. Albert C. Apilado

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