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What the EF podcast with Lisa Lindahl

Lisa Lindahl is the inventor of the sports bra. ‘Nuff said. Lisa’s mom said that epilepsy meant she had zero expectations of Lisa accomplishing anything. Instead, Lisa paved the way for female entrepreneurs and people living with epilepsy. We chatted with this icon about how much things have changed—and what still needs changing—in this inspiring episode.

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Landis is a Chicago-based writer, whose work has been featured on NBCNewsTHINK, Wired and Chicago Tribune. She is a writer and Editor for Living Well With Epilepsy. Landis brings a humorous perspective to life with epilepsy. Diagnosed at 32 years old, she sheds light and laughs on managing a new life with seizures. Landis strives to create a touchstone for the chronically ill and those who support them. She is currently finishing a humorous memoir, “My Brain Tumor’s Boyfriend.”

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