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Epilepsy Blog Relay: Would you date someone with epilepsy?

Personally I’m grateful on soooo many levels that I’m not dating anymore. My amazing husband and I have been married 20+ years, and gawd if I had to start again–oof it would be bad. Not just because of the epilepsy and the cancer but because I’m generally super awkward.


(BTW I write this as I sit here watching my fave repeat movie “The Other Woman” featuring, Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz)

I do tend to defend how funny I am even to my husband and daughter… Like I said, super awkward, and nothing to do with the epilepsy.

Twitterverse on Dating and Epilepsy

Recently @BrainAblaze put the question out to twitter to ask whether or not twitter readers would date a person with epilepsy or who has seizures. I’ve embedded the responses below and I encourage you to take a look, despite my innate awkwardness and my possible questionable taste in movies.



So would you? Date someone with epilepsy?

I would encourage you to put the question out to friends and colleagues. Then comment here or on social media when you hear back. We’re all curious to hear.


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