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Epilepsy Blog Relay: Learn How to Make Yours Seizure Safe Schools

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Seizure Safe Schools

Colleen and Paul, a teen newly diagnosed with epilepsy, are on a mission to make seizure safe schools a requirement nationwide.

In 2019, my son Paul and I worked on Seizure Safe Schools in New Jersey. Paul’s Law was passed in 2020 and we were so happy to know all school employees would be trained and all students with epilepsy would have seizure action plans. However we were only the 5th state with this legislation.

Since passing Paul’s Law I have established a facebook page and a website and recruited 2 friends who worked to pass Sam’s Law in Texas (Shari Dudo) and Kentucky Lyndsey Crunk Act (Cyndi Crunk ) to join me to mentor people who wanted to work on seizure safe schools in their states.

Together we have assisted folks in Virginia, Missouri, Arizona, and Louisiana. We are currently helping people in South Carolina and Georgia. If you are interested in being a part of our movement to keep our children safe please join us on facebook @National Epilepsy Advocates for Seizure Safe Schools. We have 30 states that need this legislation!

More Background on Colleen and Paul

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Paul’s Law

Epilepsy Services of NJ (ESNJ) is a state approved provider of the seizure recognition and first aid training. ESNJ understands the importance of training school personnel about seizure first aid, and has been providing seizure recognition and first aid training to school-aged youth, school nurses, school personnel, and first responders for over 30 years. These programs help to educate and raise awareness about epilepsy and seizure disorders while providing life-saving seizure first aid training. ESNJ trains thousands of individuals annually. Paul’s Law requires that all school personnel are trained in seizure recognition and first aid and that school districts have an individualized seizure action plan for each student who has epilepsy.

Learn More

To learn more about bringing Seizure Safe Schools laws to your state, connect with Colleen via the facebook group at National Epilepsy Advocates for Seizure Safe Schools.

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