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Epilepsy Blog Relay: A soon to be graduate searches for hope

Finding a passion

My passion has always been to be a writer, more specifically a journalist, which, I started before even being qualified. And for the last three years, I’ve been at university, specifically the University of Central Florida, where I decided to go for Writing and Rhetoric and Creative Writing. When I tell you, it’s been a mid-successful adventure and a stressful, life-changing one, especially when dealing with my epilepsy.

Dealing with epilepsy

It’s been scary; I had the biggest seizure in October, two days before my 27th birthday. It almost took my life. I have since been trying to recover from It, so much so that I had no choice but to take a break from my writing opportunities which shocked me and made my anxiety and depression turn to an extreme level. But, with memory loss, new meds, weight problems, and even possible surgeries, it’s been an adventure that has changed my life.

Since birth, I have been living with epilepsy. I’m soon to graduate, and this semester has hurt me. I’m in the hope I can gradually go on the stage to receive my BA, and go on with my life safely and in relatively good health.

Searching for hope

Still, I would never have imagined even with this pandemic happening and rules and regulations that are changing the world and our communities. I wonder if there was any manual that I didn’t buy to let me know that dealing with epilepsy, lack of sleep, anxiety, and everything connected would be so hard for me to graduate and be alive. Only time will tell; I’m just in hopes.


Read more of Amanda’s writing here: https://linktr.ee/MandieeMiller


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Amanda Miller is a Toronto, ON-based soon-to-be graduate with a BA and AA in English. She has several years of freelance writing with articles featured in Sheen Magazine, Femi Magazine, Unwritten, SpokenBlackGirl, and many more. She's been living with epilespy since the womb and continuing to fight the good fight and spreading awareness one article and conversation at a time. Her clips can be found at https://linktr.ee/MandieeMiller.

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