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Epilepsy Blog Relay: Does hot weather affect epilepsy?

My seizures have been controlled for years but I’ve always felt a little off when I get too hot. When warmer weather rolls around I begin to wonder does hot weather affect epilepsy?


Epilepsy and Hot Weather

Well, turns out I wasn’t the only one wondering. According to a survey conducted by the Epilepsy Society (UK) in June 2020, showed that 62% of respondents with uncontrolled seizures saw an increase in their seizure activity during hot weather.

In a report on the survey, the Epilepsy Society noted, “More than 1,000 people responded to our survey, including 969 people whose epilepsy does not respond to current treatments. A total of 598 of this group said that they experienced a change in their seizure activity during very hot weather. This included an increase in frequency, severity or a ‘breakthrough’ seizure even when they considered their epilepsy to be generally well controlled.”

Epilepsy and Climate Change

Additionally, 40% of respondents expressed concern that climate change would affect their epilepsy or the epilepsy of the person they cared for. And 75% said they would like to see more research into the impact of climate change on the condition and what could be done to address it.

Thanks to the Epilepsy Society for sharing these survey results. To read the full report click here.


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