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My Journey with Epilepsy as a Young Adult: Keep Pushing and Stay Strong!

Brooke’s Story

A few things about me: I graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelors in Political Science in 2019; I am living with epilepsy as a young adult; I love to run, read, write, explore, take pictures and try new things: (get myself out of my comfort zone- because I’ve never really known comfort). I just keep pushing and try to stay strong.

Epilepsy as a Young Adult

I want to share my story with all of the young adults out there who are struggling. I have been battling epilepsy for over 10 years; juggling school, work, friends, relationships, my sorority, and representing Texas A&M as a counselor for transfer students.

I now work for a non-profit mentoring college students and every day is different. I have always had an extremely difficult time focusing on my work/studies. Over time, I have tried out many different methods to help, and what I have personally found to be helpful for me are activities like running, yoga, photography, going on long walks, listening to podcasts, and painting.

I also cut soda and fast food out of my diet, and I try to eat all natural foods; over time, I have found that this has helped me as well.

Why epilepsy stigma

I think that epilepsy is something that needs to be talked about more. Not many people talk or share their experiences with epilepsy. Why the stigma?

Your turn

Young adults who are struggling with school or finding a job I hope you will comment on your experience below.

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